Cloud Payroll Software

As ID – Paytek is a cloud based HR payroll solution, it offers easy deployment. The ubiquitous browser contains all the infrastructure related needs. ID – Paytek stands out as it offers an extremely cost – effective monthly subscription based pricing mechanism which facilitates payments to be made based on usage.

The HR payroll software drives away the need to invest in Hardware, Licenses or service costs where no AMC, expenses & upgrade costs recur at regular intervals as the company would only have to pay monthly subscription costs without the need to invest in a full – fledged HCM application for its employees.

Being a cloud based solution, it gives an advantage to the HR staff & employees to access the solution from across the globe at anytime through any device including smart phones. It certainly gives the management and employees an extra benefit in terms of efficiency over on – premise HR payroll solutions.

The above advantage in on cloud HR payroll solutions gives enhanced usage and engagement as access to HR benefits has become extremely fast, accurate and more convenient. Furthermore, upgrading an on – premise solution is a highly complex and daunting task whereas the on cloud HR payroll solutions can be upgraded easily to give the users continued benefits of latest updates.

Moreover, it becomes extremely difficult to integrate the on – premise software with other systems in the environment but with cloud based HR payroll software, organizations are only required to leverage the open API to integrate the systems in order to access the data in real – time.


1. Employee Management
2. Attendance Management
3. Leave Management
4. Payroll Management
5. Exit Process & Service End Benefits Settlement
6. Travel Claims Management