Payroll Management Software

ID – Paytek provides you with the flexibility and ability to process any type of salary payroll softwarestructure. It ensures that your requirements will be perfectly addressed. ID – Paytek HR payroll solution simplifies a broad range of complexities and facilitates the implementation of personalized pay pockets. It also takes care of TDS deductions based on the employee earnings and investment plans under various Income Tax sections.

ID – Paytek is packed with functionalities that enable you to effectively handle your payroll process in an efficient manner. You can create your own business logic for Earnings, Bonuses, Deductions, Taxes, Leave & Attendance, Statutory Requirements and other key aspects.

The various statutory deductions like PF, ESI, Professional Tax and TDS etc can be calculated easily thus, reducing the burden of filing returns with absolutely minimal or no paperwork at all.

One of the noteworthy features of ID – Paytek is a user – friendly Loan Management App that simplifies the entire loan management process. The EMIs are also calculated automatically based on the interest rate and type you choose.

Paytek makes it an incredible experience of incentivizing the employees in organizations as well as rewarding them for their performance. The Reimbursements can be processed without any hurdles. It also schedules salary revisions much ahead of payroll. The Reimbursement function is another critical area that needs attention. The employees having various claims such as travel claims, medical benefits, annual leave claim etc can be classified with discrete items within them. Paytek offers you a facility to pay the reimbursement amount along with payroll.

Lastly, the exit procedures with full and final settlement process is effectively handled thereby ensuring that all dues, loans and other employee service and benefits like gratuity, leave encashment, eligible bonus etc are settled in a smooth manner. These features come as a completely integrated package along with Leave Management, Time & Attendance etc.