Experience Leave Management Software Features With IDPaytek

In almost all types of organizations, especially in SMEs, employee leave management is a highly critical element and therefore, maintaining a true and clear Leave Management Systemrecord of employees is a must with special regards to track the employees’ performance. It displays the level of commitment an employee has towards his/her work. If more number of leaves are taken by an employee it clearly indicates his/her lack of interest towards work. To ensure the success of an organization such factors play a pivotal role and should not be ignored.

In such scenarios, a comprehensive HR payroll solution with integrated leave management tool is the need of the hour in order to keep accurate track of the number of leaves taken by an employee, which includes the sick leave, paid leave and the number of leaves an employee is entitled to.

ID – Paytek comes with a set of user – defined parameters which make the entire process of leave management easier than ever before. These parameters facilitate the employees to easily maintain their leave data and information, apply for and get approval for leave from their respective managers in a smooth manner.

Notable Features

  • The user friendly dashboard clearly indicates the balance number of leaves available to an employee along with the leaves he has availed.
  • Automated leave credit facility on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • As it is mobile compatible, application and granting of leave can be done from anywhere in the world.

Besides the above, Paytek being an integrated payroll solution with leave management features helps you to carry out performance appraisals based on true and accurate records as human error is vastly minimized as every day unaccounted is an extra cost to the company and hence, the HR managers are relieved of keeping a track of leave count, employees’ diligence at work, work input etc.

All leave transactions of an employee are tracked and the respective leave balances are automatically updated. With these features, the traditional leave cards and messy spreadsheets can be discarded forever preventing manipulation of data, thus HR managers can focus more on strategic work and other crucial areas.