Employee Management:

Experience HR Software Features with IDPaytek

Organizations across the globe unanimously agree that effective management of their workforce leads to long-term sustainability and ensures the organization has a firm standing amongst its competitors and thus, workforce management becomes a key element amongst the various set of levers available for businesses to achieve their goals.

ID – Paytek is a latest and powerful HR software solution that has been designed by experts to specifically cater to the core HR activities in organizations. One of the many challenges faced in organizations is to regularly match the availability of skills with demand. ID – Paytek is fully equipped to address such challenges. This module in paytek facilitates smooth tracking of employee life cycle activities as well as other employee information.

Employee Movement tracking:
The key feature of this payroll software is that it empowers and strengthens the employees of your organization by facilitating their easy movement across different places where they are required. Other HR functions such as transfers, deputations and promotions are also enabled which may essentially be required when a particular employee’s project or assignment is changed and they are required to move across various locations with different positions and grades. It effectively maintains the historical record of employees for probable future references.

Centralized Employee Information System:
The entire personal information of employees spread across various geographical locations is consolidated into a single and secured information store which is centralized and provides access from anywhere in the world in a highly controlled manner thus, mitigating the risk of data loss. Furthermore, this payroll management software helps the management to take better and informed decisions as it is very well equipped to generate personalized employee reports.

It’s now time to discard those complex spreadsheets and stacks of paper files and switch over to a completely new and modern way of maintaining your employee data and process the information online on a real time basis. Thus, it ensures accuracy of data and helps you stay well organized and systematic.

Payroll History Tracking:
ID – Paytek payroll software is enabled with another noteworthy feature which presents the salary related information in a timeline pattern displaying the entire revision history. The variable components, bonuses or incentives given to employees are shown in an integrated single window thus ensuring that the employees remain well informed about the overall payments made to them.

Employee Document Management:
This HCM system facilitates the employees to upload and maintain their profile including updating education details, previous work experience, and internal performance documents in a single screen with definite approval mechanism by the HR department which is well protected.