Employee Self Service Software

Those in the leadership at the top are always under extreme pressure to meet Employee Self Servicebusiness targets and hence require information to be available anywhere and anytime at their fingertips. Therefore, ensuring mobility becomes a key element in order to multi task and to keep up with business commitments and deliverables on the go.

What has been experienced in the past is that a lot of valuable time gets wasted in carrying out routine HR tasks which hampers productivity resulting in poor administration. Therefore, by equipping the employees with the necessary tools the time spent on such tasks can be reduced and efficiency can be enhanced resulting in maximum employee satisfaction.

Employee Self Service module – being an integral part of the HR payroll software has greatly influenced the way in which HR staff and employees interact with each other. The employees can now update their personal information themselves within a defined security framework without any help of the HR staff.

ID – Paytek with its user friendly dashboard system facilitates the employees in maintaining their personal to do list, get HR notification and alerts along with upcoming birthday alerts.

Paytek facilitates you to directly access your personal and payroll details such as appraisals, pay slips, time – sheet bookings, leave applications, Income Tax investment plan updates and other related information. The employees on – site can access this HR solution to record the time spent on each individual project and on other business activities. This results in less time being spent on HR tasks ultimately boosting employee engagement and interaction across teams.

Based on the company’s leave and attendance policy, the employees can check their attendance status with specific details such as deductions etc.

The employee directory can be viewed to get information of one’s team members or other employees including their photo, designation, email ID, extension number etc.

Employees can regularise their attendance to rectify any possible mistakes/missing details etc.

Paytek converts your HR department into an entirely paperless department. It reduces the turnaround time by ensuring that company policies are enforced at the initial application stage itself. The system generated emails bind all the stakeholders’ together thereby reducing transaction time and cost.

This comprehensive Employee Self Service (ESS) module along with its inbuilt checks, workflows & approval features empowers the employees along with their managers to themselves update and record information at the same time. The change requests raised can be addressed instantly so that approvals can be given by respective authorities.

ID – Paytek on mobile:

Paytek also offers on mobile solutions to enhance the user experience with a simple idea which states “If a person can use his device, he can also use our solution”. There is absolutely no need of undergoing any special training in order to use our HR solution, it is that simple. Paytek is designed and conceptualized keeping in mind the device’s functionalities, usage scenarios and the user’s skill set. The facility of on-the-move through web or mobile enables the managers to keep a track of employee efficiency from anywhere across the globe.

This HRMS solution ensures the availability of key information anytime, anywhere thereby enhancing employee productivity. It enables the employees to manage various self – service transactions on the go, thus facilitating the managers to process multiple transactions pertaining to their respective teams even when they’re commuting, at home, on business travel or in a meeting far from desk.