Most businesses depend on the performance of employees to be an ideal business model in the market. That’s why each business or company tries to give best care and facilities to their employees.  When employees will feel safe and secure, they will perform better. The good performance of staff members will help a company to grow more and function smoothly.

In this article we will discuss ESS software which is sometimes called an employee portal

More often than not we experience a lot precious time being wasted on routine and mundane HR tasks which results in ill and improper administration of employee data. Therefore, by empowering the employees with the necessary tools the time spent on such mundane tasks can be reduced and efficiency can be considerably increased.

 What exactly is Employee Self Service?

Employee Self Service module – as an essential part of the HR payroll software has greatly changed the way HR staff and employees interact with each other. It enables the employees themselves to update all their personal information within a set of defined security parameters without any aid of the HR staff.

Each HR Payroll software offer different ESS features. Here are some of the most important ESS features:

  • This is a highly effective module which enables the employees to update all their personal information within a set of defined security parameters without any aid of the HR staff.
  • The workers can view and print their payroll information. They can also update their investment details useful for TDS deductions. With this feature the HR team needs to just cross check the investment document and approve, based on which system calculates the TDS deductions. This saves HR department time, which can be used for more productive works.
  • The workers can easily update their personal information. They can access their information 24/7 even when they are not at work.
  • As ESS is integrated with payroll process, you will get real time and up to date salary related information.
  • ESS module is very useful for the managers or department heads, as they can view their subordinates’ approval request and take the necessary action in time.
  • The system helps the employees to regularize their attendance in order to correct any possible mistakes/missing details etc.
  • Through ESS, an employee can directly access his personal and payroll details such as appraisals, pay slips, time – sheet bookings, leave applications, IT support and other related information.
  • The employees can check their attendance status with specific details related to deductions based on the company’s leave & attendance policy.

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