About Us

IDBS was incorporated in the year 2003 with its headquarters in Bangalore. The principle behind its formation is to build and implement great ideas that drive progress for its clients and facilitate their business through effective enterprise solutions.

We make sure that while we deliver solutions and services we do not compromise on our principle and create value for money thereby eliminating the chasm between ‘quality and price’ and hence, ensuring the complete satisfaction of the client.

We are committed to constantly upgrading our products with latest advances in technology while focusing on delivering high quality & innovative solutions quickly and cost effectively in complex business environments.

Our primary goal is to ensure a high degree of usability of our products while providing timely & relevant support to our clients with greater value and increased flexibility which ultimately results in optimized system functionality and enhanced operational efficiency.

ID – Paytek is one such innovative solution of IDBS that caters to all your HR & Payroll management requirements right from hire to retire. It is an advanced solution designed to be at par with changing technological trends facilitating accessibility on Smart Phones besides offering the accuracy and agility of an in-memory engine and the proclivity of a context-aware system.

ID – Paytek offers an all-embracing multidisciplinary portfolio of solutions and services to its clients that not only cater to contemporary challenges but are also well equipped to address future business needs. The underlying philosophy of IDBS which acts as the driving force behind our innovative solutions is that “technology must simplify human effort and set you free and not create complications.”

ID – Paytek was developed by experts with extensive experience in product development using an Agile methodology based on a sequential and systematic process besides making huge investments in research & development to keep the product abreast with the latest and ever-changing modern technology.

Hence, we at IDBS are continuously engaged in developing such innovative products to serve our clients more effectively that provide them with ease and flexibility in their day to day operations and achieve desired results.